Our Mission

Sunstation is a creative circle of artists and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who shine inspiration and expression. Together, we have the ability to provide valuable education, services, and fine products to the world. We serve our global community through our dedicated efforts in social work and establishments of mutually beneficial connections. Our mission is to exist as a sanctuary for all who will join us in our sharing of opportunities and dedication to improving positivity worldwide.

What have we done so far?


We have shared to ca 400 architect & civil engineering students and professionals about Sustainable architecture and lifestyle in Brazil, Juazeiro do Norte.  


We talked about different sustainable opportunities around the world, healthy indoor environment, lifestyle and food. Our mission was to show that there are many ways of building sustainable houses and living in balance with nature and ourselves.

Lecturer –  Sigrit Sidrim, translated by Diego Sidrim




Lecturer Sigrit Sidrim and participant Luiz

“At least since the 50th’s, with environmental accidents caused by us humans, we’ve seen how fragile our home, planet earth, is. And then, when Sigrit came to our city, Juazeiro do Norte-CE, to talk to us, future architects an engineers the importance, and necessity, to build in sustainable ways, it was like a hope toward our stolen future.

And so, for caring about our home, we from Cariri are truly grateful to you, Sigrit.”


Comment by course participant Luiz

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