Magic Butter



Magic Butter is superfood for the skin. It is 100% natural hand made product. The base of Magic Butter is shea butter what is produced in Ghana by local woman. The shea butter is made by Kongo Community Development Widows Association in the Kongo village of northern Ghana. Shea butter is often called African women’s gold, and it has been used for cooking and caring for babies’ skin for thousands of years. Making shea butter offers local women working in the association an opportunity to earn an important additional income, which they invest in educating their children and ensuring a better food selection for their families.

Every ingredient of Magic Butter is chosen during over 3 years of development time and has its mission.

There are very many ways how to use the butter and often I hear a new ones. It is for external use only and often used on dry skin or for healing tattoos or even while tattooing. There is some magic in this product!

With this product You are supporting Chana woman and kids in need in Estonia.

What goes around comes around - keep Your circle positive.

We are all one with the SUN - Let's unite!



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